About NJ Parks and Forests

Image created by Marlene Ridgway: freelance writer and digital media specialist.

New Jersey is the home of many town, county and state parks for a total of 1,484,900 acres of preserved open space and farmland. That’s not exactly the picture that’s painted when the country thinks Jersey, but it’s a refreshing reality. My family and I are loyal fans of our parks system- there is always a new place to explore, learn about, get fresh air, exercise and meet new friends who love the same!

Many of Jersey’s parks are free with some of the state parks charging a small fee, usually per vehicle rather than per person. A year long pass can be purchased for your vehicle at $50 for residents. (An awesome price for unlimited beach access to Island Beach Park all summer long!) They almost always offer a special discount if you buy 2 at the same time for $75. Non-resident fees are $75 for the first pass and $35 for the second. Apply for your pass here!

Interested in fishing, crabbing, camping, barbecues and other fun to be had at Jersey parks and forests? Check out the park rules here before you visit!

Whether you’re a local yourself, you’ve visited so often you feel like a local, or you’re just passing through- take a look at all the fun places there are to visit and find some fun of your own!