Interactive Strategies for Spelling and Word Work

A little out-of-the-box practice with some on-the-fly planning! All you need is a bunch of index cards! No printables needed!
I plan most of my introductory lessons with the identify, practice, apply approach in mind. This lets me easily see which stage my students may be stuck at based on what kind of activity they struggle with. That’s how I grouped the activities below and really thesestrategies can be used with any set of words in your word work center!

Make it cross-curricular and use these strategies with Science and Social Studies vocabulary or Math and see the level of understanding soar!

Bacon, Egg & Cheese in a Muffin Tin

In my quest to “quit sugar”, as Sarah Wilson- former editor of Cosmopolitan and qualified Health Coach with¬†the¬†Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and author of, “I Quit Sugar”– would say, I have been trying lots of new recipes that make breakfast easy without cereals, toasts, bagels, muffins, etc. And THIS- This was the …